About Me

Matt is a retro game enthusiast that found the way to connect his passion with pixel art and woodworking. Since he stumbled upon his first hama bead pixel art character on the web, he immediately feel in love with the idea. It was only a matter of time that he would start creating his favourite pixel art characters whilst he was growing up.

It all started when Matt had surgery on his knee and had to stay home for 2 months. Already sitting on his couch with limited mobility, he picked up his beads peg board and started making his favourite 8bit characters from Nintendo, Sega, Star Wars, etc. He immediately feel in love with making bead art and just couldn’t stop making more and more.

His woodworking passion comes from the family. Most of his male members of his extended family were carpenters and now with the touch of modern age technology and gaming interest, he is combining the two together.

(Cartoon credits Tere Toast)